Aluminum Rod Heating Furnace

  • Aluminum Rod Heating Furnace
  • Aluminum Rod Heating Furnace
  • Aluminum Rod Heating Furnace
  • Aluminum Rod Heating Furnace
  • Aluminum Rod Heating Furnace
Aluminum Rod Heating Furnace
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We are a professional supplier of metal extrusion equipment,We can make a whole program for you, only need you to provide the following information:
1. Drawing
2. Product material requirements
3. Product Usage
4. output

Product advantages:

The aluminum rod heating furnace is to heat 6M  long aluminum rod(can be customized ) to the required temperature (generally around 500 °C), the aluminum rod is kept in the furnace for a long time, the aluminum rod temperature can be uniform, and the mechanics can be improved. According to the heating method, it is divided into natural gas heating or electric heating(can be customized );

It has economical automatic hot shear and independent hydraulic system and stainless steel circulating fan,has the following characteristics:

1. Electric in and out aluminum rod.

2. Pneumatic (hydraulic) turning rod.

3. Furnace door pneumatic lifting.

4. Automatic temperature control.

5. Over temperature alarm.

Easy to operate, safe, energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

round bar shearing machine

shear cutting machine

plate shearing machine

Pure aluminum is a metal with good plasticity and low strength in aluminum processing. Although it has many excellent properties, its use is limited. Aluminum alloys are different. People can adjust the composition and content of alloys according to actual needs, and improve the strength, workability, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, hardness, surface properties, liquid fluidity and other specificities of aluminum alloys. Use. In the casting production, the aluminum alloy is solidified into a solid state by liquid, and the cooling rate is fast, which causes defects such as uneven crystal composition of the solid solution, dendrite segregation, and the like, and the casting stress is large, the plasticity is low, and the processing property is poor. Measures should be taken to eliminate the as-cast structure and composition. Unevenness. The as-cast non-equilibrium crystalline state is thermodynamically metastable. Heating it to a certain temperature accelerates the transition to equilibrium. This method is homogenization, and its effect is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1. The grain boundary network structure is broken, and the iron-rich metal compound is subjected to phase transformation, for example, the Al-Fe-Si phase is converted from the needle-like β phase to the spherical α phase.

2. The dissolution of the intermetallic phase, especially the dissolution of alloying elements such as Mg and Si, minimizes microsegregation.

3. Eliminate casting stress.

4. Controlling the size and quantity of the precipitated Mg2Si phase can be achieved by effective control of the cooling rate, thereby controlling the distribution of Mg and Si in the solid solution. The tissue change after homogenization treatment improves the heat and cold deformation process performance, reduces the deformation resistance, reduces the consumption of deformation work, and improves the extrusion speed and quality. Eliminating residual stress improves machinability and reduces the risk of deformation cracking. It also increases the efficiency of the extrusion die. The multi-bar furnace emits 50-65% of homogenization in the production heating, thereby improving product efficiency and quality.

The PID linear control burner can be automatically adjusted from 0.3% to 100% of the firepower. It incorporates modern technology, and he can store the measured temperature and the power given to the output for a long time to analyze and calculate the output power. Thereby improving the best effect of combustion energy saving.

The economical automatic hot shearing machine is easy to operate in production, easy to maintain, and the cutting length of the aluminum rod is easily adjusted when the specifications of the production profile are changed.

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