Lead Extruder Machine

  • Lead Extruder Machine
  • Lead Extruder Machine
  • Lead Extruder Machine
Lead Extruder Machine
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The Lead Extruder Machine is suitable for various deformable metal extrusions, especially for metal extrusion of copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, silver, etc.
The Lead Extruder Machine main parts are the master cylinder assembly, the front beam assembly, the movable beam that drives the squeeze rod, the extrusion cylinder (front and rear), the spindle feeder, the die changer, the main shear with automatic pressure reduction, and the hydraulic device.Using PLC (brand optional), hydraulic manifold (cartridge valve), oil pump motor group (speed control oil pump, servo) to achieve stepless speed regulation (constant speed), manual automatic switching and other functions。
Our extruder equipment is easy to operate, highly automated, and energy efficient.

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1. the master cylinder assembly:

The main cylinder and the side are equipped with single-acting and double-acting main plungers, respectively. The bushings of these cylinders use a copper sleeve of 6-6-3 material (using a low temperature mounting process), while the main plunger is sealed with a V-ring and a copper sleeve. Adjust the gap between the flange and the cylinder flange to ensure the sealing accuracy. The back end of the master cylinder is equipped with a large flow filling valve to ensure that the working oil can flow freely from the tank to the master cylinder when the main plunger is fast forward. The master cylinder is made of 35# forged steel, while the main plunger is made of alloy cast iron and polished.

2. Front beam assembly and mold changing device:

The front beam is made of high quality 35# cast steel. The mold seat adopts two working positions: the extrusion position and the cleaning position. Sliding in the front beam, operated by a double-acting hydraulic cylinder.

3. the main movable beam and extruded rod composition:

The extrusion rod is firmly mounted on the front end of the movable beam by the squeeze rod gland. The movable beam guide is flat by the lower rail, and the upper rail is inclined, and is supported and guided by the base over the entire stroke range.

4. the extrusion cylinder assembly:

The extrusion barrel assembly is composed of a squeeze cylinder jacket, resistance heating, and the like. The extrusion cylinder guide adopts the lower rail as a flat type, and the upper rail is a sloped type, which is supported and guided by the base over the entire stroke range, so that the movement of the extrusion cylinder is kept smooth. The extrusion barrel is operated by two (or four) cylinders embedded in the back beam.

5. scissors:

Vertical scissors are mounted inside the front beam. The cylinder-driven pressure padding device functions to completely separate the pressure and the end face of the mold. The hydraulic cylinder that drives the scissors is at a considerable distance from the extrusion barrel, the mold, and other heating elements, so the seals of the hydraulic cylinder are not heated to maintain a long service life.

6. the carrier:

The carrier is attached to the main frame of the extruder. It is driven by a hydraulic cylinder and is pivot-locked with a V-shaped support block mechanism to ensure that the ingot remains in the center during the loading process.

7. squeeze tube heating system:

The extrusion barrel is heated by an external resistive heating element (in-line or ring form). The heating elements are divided into three groups and are automatically controlled by star and triangle methods to maintain the extrusion cylinder with an accurate operating temperature.

8. hydraulic system:

The hydraulic power of the extruder is provided by an electro-hydraulic proportional control plunger pump and a quantitative vane assist pump. The amount of oil delivered to the main pump is controlled by a preset device. A check valve, an unloading valve, a relief valve, a logic valve and a centralized block valve station are used to form a simple line to avoid oil leakage. Luo series valve has the advantage of controlling high pressure, large flow without impact. All high-pressure lines are made of seamless steel tubing with a face-to-face flange connection with an O-ring or a threaded connection with a deep thread.

The suction valve (butterfly valve) of the master cylinder is mounted outside the fuel tank, so that it is not necessary to vent the fuel tank during maintenance.

9. lubrication:

The main cylinder movable beam and the extrusion cylinder are self-lubricating devices. Scissors and mold bases are manually lubricated.

10. Cooling:

The plate exchanger can be selected according to customer requirements or independent special oil cooling equipment can be installed to ensure the oil temperature meets the requirements of the extruder.

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