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    Aluminum Rod Heating Furnace

    We are a professional supplier of metal extrusion equipment,We can make a whole program for you, only need you to provide the following information: 1. Drawing 2. Product material requirements 3. Product Usage 4. output

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  • Natural Gas Aluminum Hot Shear Machine

    Pure aluminum is a metal with good plasticity and low strength in aluminum processing. Although it has many excellent properties, its use is limited. Aluminum alloys are different. People can adjust the composition and content of alloys according to actual needs, and improve the strength, workability, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, hardness, surface properties, liquid fluidity and other specificities of aluminum alloys. Use. In the casting production, the aluminum alloy is solidified into a solid state by liquid, and the cooling rate is fast, which causes defects such as uneven crystal composition of the solid solution, dendrite segregation, and the like, and the casting stress is large, the plasticity is low, and the processing property is poor. Measures should be taken to eliminate the as-cast structure and composition. Unevenness. The as-cast non-equilibrium crystalline state is thermodynamically metastable, and heating it to a certain temperature accelerates the conversion to equilibrium. This method is homogenization.

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