cold bed conveyor

  • Parallel Type Cooling Bed

    Product advantages: The cooling bed is mainly made of independent belt-changing (translating) conveying aluminum profiles,Control by PLC. When replacing the felt strip, it is not necessary to remove the entire long shaft like a traditional belt type cold bed. As long as the screw is loosened, the felt strip can be removed, has the advantages of simple structure and convenient operation. The high-temperature felt belt is used to convey the aluminum profile, which effectively prevents secondary bumps and deformations during the conveying process ,reduces the waste. At the same time, it provides a clean and tidy table for the profile,ensure the appearance quality of the profile.Therefore it is applicable for the enterprises to manufacture the section material with large, middle or small specification. It is especially suitable for the requirements of rapid extrusion of extruders, improving production efficiency and product quality and yield.

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