Die heating furnace


In December 2022, we made mold heating furnaces for customers.

The outer part of the furnace shell is welded with ordinary steel plate and section steel, and the furnace liner is welded with heat-resistant steel plate through holes. Sandwiched between them are light brick and aluminum silicate fiber blanket as heat insulation material, and the outer surface is treated with slag cotton as secondary heat insulation. The innermost layer is the special cabinet brick supporting the electric heating body, which is the ordinary high aluminum brick, and the electric heating wire is supported on it.

After heating, in addition to direct heat transfer to the through hole liner, the hot air circulation fan is also used to transfer the heat generated by the heating body into the furnace through the air, heating the mold so that the mold is heated rapidly and evenly. Each heating area is equipped with two thermocouples as temperature measurement, temperature control and overtemperature alarm system.

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